As Content creator at U-studio (Oliver) , I was approached by our client Unilever - specifically the Domestos Brand team; about a new product hitting the shelves at the end/middle of Q1 2023.
The brief was simple: "create excitement and inform the audience about this new product"
With the help of a Community manager, I worked towards creating a deck with concept, creative reference, rough storyboard and locations to present to the client. 
the execution of the first "Reveal"
a similar approach was used for the rest of the concepts and the same was also done for the photography:
When doing the reels, I also had trends and socials in mind; in this one I focused on the ASMR trend:
I also paired the product with other complementing products within the Unilever Brands in order to drive regime:
Some reels are shot with stop-motion style as this is another trend within the category:
As well as creating excitement, I also make sure that the product versatility and USP was always showcased
A reel showcasing the Power Foam in action on all Bathroom surfaces:  
Another ASMR one, this time showcasing an entire bathroom cleaning routine:
Another ASMR driving regime - Power foam and toilet blocks as a combo:
I also used this opportunity to capture photography for the other Unilever brands:
This also extended to the reels:

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