At BBH together with long standing client Tesco we were on a mission to put a smile (and a tiny tear) on people's faces, by making everything more Christmas.
The main AV was brought to life by directing duo Alaska, the story centres on an emotional story of one teenage boy slowly finding his Christmassy-ness, while his father dives headlong into the seasonal spirit without encouragement. 
the concept was crafted by senior creative team Will and Elliott. 
Main AV:
As the creative and content creator at BBH my role in all of this was to extend the main AV to socials for a cohesive and 360 Xmas campaign that not only lived on TV and billboards but instead leveraged the power of social media to amplify its reach and impact.
The creative and concepts were crafted by Gabs Old, and the directing and editing was done by myself - Ronald Olaibi.
We created a series of TikToks and reels (for Tiktok, Instagram and Meta) that all utilised characters from the main AV.
We first started with concept around a series of Xmas Activations that Tesco was hosting and would be released on the lead up to Christmas
Tesco Xmas Social Activations:
As well as working on the edit for these I was the Director - which required me to direct the talent's performance and make sure that the vision came to life
We then shot another set of Social content that went live on Xmas day and Boxing day:

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