A music video Shot, Directed and Edited by myself for Singer Siobbhan for her single "Promise". 
For this video we decided to focus on permformance and narrative, aswell as cinematography and colour grading to create an emotive and engaging video.
We decided to focus on the messaging and emotions as we had a tight budget, that limited the locations we could use and the size of the cast and being her first music video we knew the audience wouldn't immediately recognise her. 
The song is essentially the soundtrack to the narrative that plays of a young woman faced with trials and tribulation, but that sees light at the end of the tunnel through talking to an homeless man.
The handheld shots, and colour grading are designed to evoke elements of british cinema - the grittty, realist look - which juxstapose with the performance shots, further pushing the emotive aspect of the video.
The talent used for the video was highly talented and we were able to effectivly work together as they followed my direction and weren't afraid of asking questions and the artist was happy that i brought her vision to life.

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