The brief 
was to Leverage Audi’s presence at a premium event where luxury cars meet world-class tailoring, to tell a story of Audi’s AMBITIOUS DESIGN.
The response
Audi already had a partnership with Richard James and have created a car wrap for Concours on Savile Row in previous years.
This time round we took it a step further with the creation of tailored Suit that would match the car wrap and as opposed to a couple of stills to post on social our solution was to create 2 reels - alongside stories - over the two days.
Reel 1: Experience the entire wrapping process, from sketches to unveiling on Savile Row.
Reel 2: Experience Richard James' journey creating a unique Audi-inspired suit for Concours on Savile Row.
Reel 1 would live solely on Audi's page as it was car centric and all about the wrapping process, while Reel 2 was going to be a partnership between Richard James and Audi and would live on both pages as it showed the suit making process and drew paralllels between the car and the suit.
Final Output:
Reel 1:
Reel 2:

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