In July 2023 Barclays was going to launch a new creative platform for Barclays - Find Your Way Around Money. The platform gives Barclays a clear role, guiding customers through the “messy middle” of finance.
The ask:
Our client - at BBH - Barclays asked us to create a ‘bang’ at the launch of the campaign with a 15” TikTok Top View asset that introduces our new creative vehicle - Find Your Way Around Money. 
We would have this placement for 12 hrs with 100% SOV - and the objective was broad awareness of the new brand proposition. ​​​​​​​
My role:
I was responsible with storyboarding and crafting the concept, taking into consideration:
- Placement 
- The maximum length of the AD (15 seconds) 
- 3 seconds of full screen before the transition into ‘For you page’  
This meant that the concept needed to: present the problem, showcase the brand and present the solution in the first 5-7 seconds.
This concept also had to follow the flow and the narrative of the 3 bigger AVs 
I used audio, tiktok trends, and colours to quickly as brand signals
This is the final asset:
It’s exceeded all UK TopView Spark Ad Benchmarks with regards to VTR's, showing the effectiveness of the creative. 
There was also a strong click through performance (within benchmark) with users showing strong intent to learn more. 
·2s VTR: 37.04% vs UK Benchmark: 33.45%-34.67%
·6s VTR: 8.95% vs UK Benchmark: 7.88%-8.04%
·100% VV: 2.36% vs UK Benchmark: 0.67%-0.94%
·CTR: 3.63% vs UK Benchmark: 3.54%-3.67%
·Engagement Rate: 3.87% vs UK Benchmark: 3.94%-4.03%
and over 6million views on the day of the campaign
Main Av:
written and produced by Marc, Callum and Alex Coughlin

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