As a creative and content creator at BBH, I was part of the team responsible for answering the brief from our Client: Tesco.
Brief and concept
The client wanted us to come up with a reactive campaign around Eurovision to be run on TikTok.
Our idea was #Cheese4cheese!
Eurovision is the most gloriously cheesy night of the year. To celebrate it, we created the cheesiest competition known to TikTok.  
In an online singing contest, we encouraged users to duet back to an iconic song with a cheesy twist. All to win a truckload of Tesco’s Finest Cheese.
We brought Box Fizz on board - as they were the last Eurovision winners from England - and got them to sing their iconic Eurovision song: “Making Your Mind Up”, with a cheesy twist, and invite people to join in.
The campaign launched on 9 May and ran for five days, supported by influencer engagement to drive awareness. Influencers including Jedward, Michael Rice – who represented the UK in Eurovision 2019 – and TV personality actress and singer Samira Mighty joined in the fun.
Content Production
My first task was creating the cheesiest background: A rotating cheese board on a Grecian plinth with stardust in the background. Each type of cheese represented a country in the competition  
The following was shot in front of a green screen:
Then I filmed the talent in front of a separate green screen and overlayed them on the background.
I asked them to playful and funny and cheesy - in line with concept
to further amplify reach we connected with another Influencer called DR. Eurovision and asked him to comment on the various duets that were coming in as the contest and campaign was running:
The campaigned amassed over 17millions views , over 106k likes, 3800+ comments and 500+ shares

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