Our Client at BBH, Paddy Power wanted to promote its new Super Sub feature, which means bets are still valid on players who are subbed off as the substitute player picks up the bet.
The creative behind the main AV was crafted by senior creative team Luke Till and Lawrence Bushell.
directed by Andrew Gaynord through MindsEye, art directed by Jay Phillips and written by Neil Clarke.
Social Ads
My role as Creative and Content Creator at BBH was to come up with a series of easy to execute social ads that would carry on the narrative from the main AV across the various social media platforms: Instagram, Meta and Youtube.
I was responsible for the creative, storyboarding, filming as well as the directing and editing of the various social films.
The final result was 4 films each with 3 different variants across 3 different social media platforms, totalling 36 social films - featuring Peter Crouch (across 27 of them) and Teddy Sheringham (across 9 of them) as the main talents.
The creative relied on the use of green screen to create a slapstick tone, the iconic Paddy Power VO wit and funny performances from Crouch and Sheringham to bring the films to life.
Tangled Bib:
Fresh Legs:
Stretch your bet:
Teddy Celebration:

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