Long standing BBH client Paddy Power wanted an Ad that announced the arrival of the Euros and the fact that England were favourites to win!
The idea:
A wider campaign subverts the word favourites in a cheeky ironic way we’re gonna achieve this in OOH by saying England are Europe's favourites and pairing them with contrasting imagery of our irritating / loveable fans. 
The result:
My Role:
As the social creative and creator my role was to come up with a series of ads that were in line in tone and overall concept with the main AV.
The Idea:
Create a suite of micro vignettes that hone in on several questionable reasons why England are Europe’s ‘favourites’ - using Crouch (instantly recognisable sports personality and face of Paddy Power) as the driving force.
I was responsible for the creative, storyboarding, filming as well as the directing and editing of the various social films.
We created three 15 seconds social films in various dimensions for the various social platforms. As well as three 6 seconds social films and fine some reactive film in the case England didn't make it till the end of the tournament.
15 second social films:
6 second social films:
Reactive England out social film:

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