As a content creator for the homecare Unilever brands - Persil, Surf, Comfort and Cif - I was tasked with the job of creating constant content for their social media channels as well a page called ‘The Clean Edit’ - A Unilever Home Care initiative. A page that is about the journey for clean homes and a cleaner planet.
In this role my responsibilities included:
- Ideation and content creation
This involves looking at what competitors are doing, what is trending, anything exciting in the category and coming up with content ideas
- Content strategy and planning
While coming up with ideas I look at the brands plans in terms of releases and campaigns, and a general calendar for the year for bank holidays and festivities and plan content around these things 
- Filming, editing and photography
This is done with each brand's tone of voice and brand image in mind
- Management and moderation of multiple social media accounts that range from 9k to 45k followers 
Comment moderation is also done with the brand tone of voice in mind
Example content created for 'The Clean Edit':
Example content created for 'Surf':
Example content created for 'Cif':

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