Our client - at BBH - Barclays was the new umpire chair sponsor after 76 years of Robinson’s reign. And that deserved a celebration.
BBH was tasked with concepting and executing ideas to celebrate this milestone.
We created a special build billboard, featuring an umpire’s chair. 
We then placed a well known influencer to then then sit in the chair and umpire the streets of Manchester and asked them to interact with passersby in their own authentic and entertaining style in a comedic and quick-witted way.
The influencer was Max Fosh:
- with 2.11m followers on youtube 
- 765.9k followers on TikTok
- and 155k followers on Instagram
He'd also be dressed as an umpire, which meant he'd be:
- Calling out live Wimbledon match updates to passersby who aren’t at the screening, and are out of the loop on the score. 
- Interacting with passersby using fun tennis-based quips, language, and puns. 
- Some of these interactions seamlessly weaved in Barclays specified RTB messages
My role was to work closely with the talent to create a series of social first, engaging and funny content (all was shot and edited by myself).
- 1-minute video to be shared on talent primary social chanel + Barclays social channels; -- three cut downs to be shared on Barclays social channels (Tik Tok and Meta). 
Cutdowns for Meta:
Cutdowns for Tiktok:
1 minute video (shared on talent and Barclays page):

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