Content Creation for Another Motive
Intimate Wedding Photography
Domestos - New Power Foam
Rema & Place+Faces
Persil - Dirt is Good
ChiefJide and FGZI content capture
Cif Research and Development day - Unilever
HotelSoiree - Pre Carnival party
Content creation and Social Media management
ChiefJide - Lit4Eva event
The Clean Edit - IG takeover
Toca Social - Hero video and Reels
K2 Space - Office Design and Fit Out
Amapiano & Chill - Photography and reels
Havio - Video Content & Photography
Backstreetgames at Jays Linkup
Esteban Ocon at Meta HQ
LifeIs4livin' Day Party
Backstreet Games x Ghana Party in the Park
M$ BANKS • “On My Way” Launch - Content Capture
2021 Videography and Editing Showreel
Reveal's K-series - Product Release
Drake's CLB fan activation reels
Interview with Fred Sirieix for Lightspeed
Amber Mark x Bayy - activation video
LTI - Europe Analyst and Advisor Forum 2022
Butterfly - Music Video
Toca Socials - Game Reel & Cocktail photography
More Than A 4Day Week (video)
Interviews with the Devon & Cornwall Police Force
Type A - This Agency Life (podcast)
Street Photoshoot for Music Artist
We Are Type A (video)
Signia - New Feature Launch
Siobhan - Promised (Music Video)
2020 Videography and Editing Showreel
Elizabeth Arden – Gelato collection launch (video)
StarBoy Festival - Rod Rantz x Wizkid
Visuals for NewGen Dancers
Ads for Brand Partner's Events (video)
Photography and Reel for DJ/Night event
Elizabeth Arden year’s highlights video
Where's Walia - social media plan
Clink OutTV advert (video)
RAHH - Life In The Lab Series (video)
Video Projects
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